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At Stake Advisors provides expert advice and a practical approach in five key areas:

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Drive innovation: Address your organization’s social responsibility risks with an effective and innovative stakeholder engagement strategy to enable sustainable business growth.
* Stakeholder Mapping
* Stakeholder Assessment
* Capacity Building and Training for Internal Teams

Ethical Sourcing
Enhance performance: Create credible ethical sourcing programs accounting for the balance of needs between suppliers, buyers, workers and communities in your supply chain.
* Supply Chain Risk Assessment
* Human Rights Supply Chain Program Development
* Capacity Building and Training for Internal Teams

Social Responsibility Assessment
Identify opportunities: Transform challenging social responsibility issues into social, environmental and economic opportunities.
* CSR Program Assessment Integrating Stakeholder Perceptions
* Benchmark Performance against Industry Peers
* Identification of Improvement Areas with Action Plans


Partnership Brokering
Leverage expertise: Create multi-stakeholder partnerships spotting collaborative spaces for collective action.
* Stakeholder Dialog Facilitation
* Development of Partnership Frameworks
* Capacity Building and Training for Internal Teams

Partnership Filters
Know your partner: Assess partnership candidates based on their social responsibility performance and the strategic alignment between respective organizations. 
* Customized Social Responsibility and Strategic Alignment
* Candidate Research to Inform Decision Making
* Reputation and Material Risk Assessment

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